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Rebecca Gazeley

Rebecca is a wife and mother of three. She is passionate about all aspects of Yoga and enthusiastic to share what she understands.

Rebecca's teachers have learnt from BKS Iyengar and it is this lineage in which classes are taught. We acknowledge this lineage in class.


Rebecca loves that Yoga helps us uncover our own true nature as well as connects us more intuitively to the world around us. The benefits of Yoga - both physical and mental - are bountiful by-products of a practice grounded in tradition.


See you on the mat!

About Me


Bec's Yoga is amazing for both body and mind rejuvenation. She guides you through yoga poses that help to open and stretch all those important muscles for strength and stress relief.  After a class I can feel I have done something that will benefit my body.

— Nina


Rebecca Gazeley

Yoga Teacher


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