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Rebecca Gazeley

Rebecca is a wife and mother of three. She is passionate about all aspects of Yoga and enthusiastic to share what she understands.

Rebecca's teachers have learnt from BKS Iyengar and it is this lineage in which classes are taught. We acknowledge this lineage in class.


Rebecca loves that Yoga helps us uncover our own true nature as well as connects us more intuitively to the world around us. The benefits of Yoga - both physical and mental - are bountiful by-products of a practice grounded in tradition.


See you on the mat!

About Me


Bec's Yoga is amazing for both body and mind rejuvenation. She guides you through yoga poses that help to open and stretch all those important muscles for strength and stress relief.  After a class I can feel I have done something that will benefit my body.

— Nina


Rebecca Gazeley

Yoga Teacher


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Meet the Teachers


Ross Parris

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Ross was first introduced to Yoga in 1994 in New Zealand, and soon developd a deep love and respect for the subject. Living in the midwest of W.A he persevered alone with a mat and manual until finding an Iyengar teacher in Bernadette Mitsuda in Geraldton. She encouraged him to become a teacher. Since 2006 he has taken several levels of assessment and is now one of WA's senior teachers. He is committed to advancing awareness of the art, science, philosophy and therapy of BKS Iyengar's method of learning and teaching Yoga.


Elisa Bruni

Elisa is lifelong practitioner and a certified Iyengar teacher. Elisa’s mentors are celebrated luminaries of Iyengar yoga. Her first teacher was Luise Wörle. Elisa then completed her formal training with Cle Souren and Nanda Peek in Amsterdam. Elisa went on to further her studies for many years under guidance of Dona Holleman in Italy. Prior to joining us at Yoga West in 2020, Elisa taught for 28 years under the leadership of Michael Forbes and Margareta Eckl in Munich Germany.

Elisa teaches with clarity, calmness, and an absolute passion for the tradition of yoga she deeply loves.

Coralie Benporath

Coralie has practiced Iyengar Yoga for over 15 years, and is particularly inspired by the healing benefits of this method. Having sustained a back injury at 28, yoga has been the key to finding health, healing and well-being while on the path of rehabilitation. She has trained with senior teacher John Leebold since 2014 and holds a Level 2 certification. She lived a year in India and Nepal practising yoga in her 20's, and returned again in 2016 for 3 months training at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune.

Also recognising the importance of a broader spiritual practice, Coralie has spent a number of years studying and practising Buddhism - her yoga practice therefore becoming grounded within a strong tradition of meditation and service to others.  It is her wish to pass on to others the benefits of these understandings and experiences.

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