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Terms and Conditions

BEC’S YOGA OF BEC’S BALLET & YOGA, its teachers, staff and representatives advise that Participants / Students
taking part in the yoga programmes and classes offered by BEC’S YOGA OF BEC’S BALLET & YOGA, are required to
accept, understand and acknowledge the following.



a. in yoga, as in other forms of exercise, sports, bodywork, or self-development there exist certain inherent risks.
b. they are taking part in a physical activity, which may result in physical or other injury to the Participant / Student. These
    injuries cannot be specified but are not limited to strain of muscles or joints.

c. they note the warning of a risk of possible injury during the participation in any yoga programme / class.
d. they take part in the yoga programmes / classes entirely at their own risk and
e. Bec’s Yoga of Bec’s Ballet & Yoga, its teachers, staff and representatives do not accept any liability of whatsoever
    nature and howsoever arising in respect of or in connection with any claim, damages, loss, injury or expenses suffered
    directly or indirectly by any Participant / Student participating in the yoga programmes/ classes.

It is a requirement and the responsibility of each Participant / Student taking part in the yoga classes -
1. to inform the teacher before the beginning of the class if they have any problems with regards to their general health or
    if a Participant / Student of long standing, changes to their health.

2. to inform the teacher of any significant health problems (past or present or any that develop whilst a Participant /

3. to inform the teacher if she is pregnant or menstruating.
4. to have consulted with their physician before beginning a yoga programme / class if they have any health problem or
    are pregnant.

5. to listen carefully and follow the teacher’s instructions at all times.
6. to ask the teacher to clarify the direction given by the teacher if they do not understand.
7. to understand that if they experience pain in any particular pose to come out of the pose and consult with the teacher.
8. to speak to the teacher if they are in any doubt or have any concerns about their ability to practice yoga.

BEC’S YOGA OF BEC’S BALLET & YOGA, its teachers, staff and representatives emphasise that the above guidelines
should be followed at all times whilst participating in a yoga programme / class.

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